Rico Schmidtgen

Rico Schmidtgen

Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Corinna Höna

Tax Consultant, Consultant International Tax Law

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Ilka Schöne

Ilka Schöne

Tax Consultant

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Tax consultancy

Tax returns

How much money could you save if you didn’t have any?

To achieve the best possible result, your trust in us is essential. It is crucial that we know all the relevant facts in terms of taxes. In the course of a detailed consultation, we will review your documents with you and gather all the data required for the tax return. In order to understand the complexities of German tax law, sound expert knowledge is required. Our highly competent staff prepare all the necessary tax returns for companies, sole proprietorships, freelancers and individuals. This includes:

  • Income tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Trade tax
  • Sales tax / VAT
  • Advance tax

We check the tax assessment notices and inform you of the results. If it is necessary to contest a tax assessment notice, we will represent your interests at the relevant tax office and appeal against decisions or submit applications. If the tax office rejects our appeals, we will also represent you in any disputes before the fiscal courts.