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Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Kati Simon

Tax Consultant

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Tax consultancy

Subsidy consultancy

Borrowed capital is becoming harder to obtain, and financing alternatives are becoming more important.

Companies are increasingly pursuing subsidy programs of the EU, the federal government and the federal states as alternatives to classic bank financing. Subsidies are subject to the European state aid law. Formal requirements have to be met, and your own requirements have to be adjusted to comply with the regulations. Investors have to submit their applications for subsidies with the required level of quality, managing both time pressure and any planning uncertainties, if they want the subsidies to be paid out.

Our team paves the way to suitable subsidies for you:

  • Investment subsidies
  • Research & development subsidies
  • Other subsidies for SME

Taking all the relevant subsidy programs into account, we compile a subsidy mix that corresponds to your company’s requirements, and we assist you with the assessment of the risks and the final decision. In addition to optimizing the project-specific subsidy opportunities, we aim to increase the planning certainty and minimize the risks under subsidy law.

You can count on us at every stage of your eligible project. We

  • identify and analyze the subsidies that are suitable for your project,
  • realistically assess your prospects regarding these subsidies,
  • optimize the project design,
  • execute the administrative tasks,
  • optimize your internal management of the subsidies, and
  • assist you in avoiding possible reclaims of subsidies.

We ensure that you can take advantage of the most optimal subsidy.