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Legal consultancy

Intellectual Property

We advise you on how to acquire, defend, assert and contest copyrights and industrial property rights. Our services in the area of IP encompass:

  • Consultancy with regard to antitrust regulations and copyright
  • In-court and out-of-court defense and enforcement of intellectual property rights (copy-rights, patents, brands and design patents)
  • Defense and enforcement of injunctive relief and secondary claims under antitrust regula-tions
  • Consultancy and drafting of research and development contracts, cooperation and li-cense agreements, know-how protection
  • Design of contracts on the development, transfer and maintenance of software
  • Consultancy regarding the legal pitfalls of e-commerce and the client’s own website (lia-bility for online content, general terms and conditions, data protection regulations, in-formation obligations, etc.)
  • Prosecution and prevention of infringements

In knowledge based society, the success of a company depends increasingly on the availability and protections of intellectual property.  As a result of the continuous development of the IT industry and the growing use of the Internet, law relating to information technology is gaining in importance. This also applies to preventative consultancy relating to competition law and the contestation and prosecution of anti-competitive behavior by third parties.