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Due diligence

Who would buy a pig in a poke?

Before acquiring a company or participating in a company in any form, due diligence is required. Company shares as well as rights, claims, obligations and risks can neither be touched nor seen. They represent intangible assets that require a more detailed inspection:

  • Existence and transferability of the company shares to be acquired
  • Raising capital and unauthorized repayment
  • Participation risks
  • Pending and imminent litigation
  • Copyright and labor law
  • Contracts with suppliers, tenants, leaseholders, investors

Due diligence facilitates the determination of the purchase price and defines the goals of negotiation and measures for the integration of a company. When carrying out the due diligence, however, we do not only take individual items into consideration. We pursue a risk-oriented approach to efficiently uncover hidden risks and opportunities. We tailor the scope of the due diligence according to your objectives and communicate findings to you as eary as possible. We review the internal as well as the external legal circumstances of the target company with regard to legal risks and the need for preparatory action. By working together with our tax consultants and auditors, we are also able to provide advise on financing, taxation and markets.