Jörg Bochmann

Lawyer, certified specialist in commercial law and company law

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Dr. Christian Sehmsdorf

Lawyer, commercial, companies, mergers and acquisitions law specialist

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Legal consultancy

Commercial law and distribution law

Our services in the field of commercial and distribution law include:

  • Design of distribution systems and distribution agreements with regard to competition law, e.g. exclusivity, price maintenance and procurement commitment
  • Distributor agreements, sales representative contracts, franchise agreements
  • License agreements, cooperation contracts
  • Restrictions on competition, customer protection agreements
  • General terms and conditions
  • In-court and out-of-court disputes with competitors in cases of anti-competition violations by competitors
  • Sale of goods law

Relationships require clearly defined rules

An efficient and well functioning distrubition network is as important to business success as the particular form a supplier relationship takes. We advise and assist in choosing and establishing the most ideal distribution and purchasing structures, taking into consideration the complex legal issues regarding commercial, anti-trust, competition, labor and tax law. We ensure that you are able to operate in a fair market environment without anti-competition violations by your competitors.