• Theoretically sound. Proven results. Interdisciplinary. 

    Böhret Sehmsdorf

  • An eye for the big picture ... with attention to detail

    Böhret Sehmsdorf

  • Economy takes place in life and not in the office.

    Böhret Sehmsdorf

  • You have the entrepreneurial idea - we support you in realising it.

    Dr. Christian Sehmsdorf

  • "Don't just argue the law, shape the conversation."

    Matthias Seeboth

  • "The economy thrives on entrepreneurial diversity and individuality. Businesses thrive on harnessing these."

    Jörg Bochmann

  • "You need to know how a machine works in order to improve it. The same is true for businesses."

    Michael Böhret

  • If you want to overtake, you have to change lanes.

    Rico Schmidtgen

Böhret Sehmsdorf

An eye for the big picture… with attention to detail.

We are a multidisciplinary consultancy that consists of lawyers, auditors and tax consultants. Our team of more than 10 experts advises small to medium sized businesses on legal, economic and tax related issues. In addition to commercial enterprises, our clients also include individuals as well as non-profit and public institutions.

We regard our work as business consultants to be as complex as the challenges you face each day in business.

Theoretically sound. Proven results. Interdisciplinary.

By combining our experiences and skills as lawyers, auditors and tax consultants, our interdisciplinary teams have an eye for the big picture.