Rico Schmidtgen

Rico Schmidtgen

Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Karsten Müller

Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Audit of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements

Being audited is about more than just receiving a certificate

When auditing annual and consolidated financial statements, consultancy is just as important as the audit itself. Consultancy on matters such as the balance sheet, tax and other economic issues relevant to the company has to offer solutions. This is why we are interested in your laboratories and factory workshops before we take a look at the figures. Our Management Letter offers benefits in addition to the actual auditor’s opinion:

  • More detailed information thanks to the use of special software (IDEA®)
  • Efficiency assessment and testing of the function and the procedures of the internal controlling system
  • Identification of uneconomic system processes
  • Support with the application of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

For annual financial statements, we base our audits on comprehensive knowledge of the business segments and the business processes of our clients and their economic and legal environment. Thus, each auditing assignment becomes an individual service that focuses on the specific situation of your company. This way, we can develop an appropriate, cost-effective and risk-oriented auditing concept.

The audits themselves are carried out by auditing teams with many years of experience in various industries. Each team is led by an auditor who is at your disposal at all times – like the other members of the team – and who presents the audit results at the annual general meeting, the shareholders’ meeting or before other committees or boards. We offer continuity instead of ever-changing contact persons.

Quality is the basic principle for all our activities. Comprehensive and efficient quality assurance is the result, and this has been confirmed and documented by our successful participation in external peer reviews.

The audit and the issue of the auditor’s opinion are based on the generally accepted professional standards and on special regulations that apply to specific industries and legal forms, such as regulations for:

Public transportation:
Transport companies that transport students and severely handicapped persons within the framework of short-distance public passenger transport (öPNV) often do not receive adequate consideration. Additional subsidies may be granted – if an auditor certifies the services provided. The income reported by transport associations has to be certified by an auditor as well.

Social charitable facilities:
For facilities that are recognized as workshops for disabled persons pursuant to § 136 SGB IX (Volume Nine of the German Social Security Code), an auditor has to certify the so-called work result pursuant to § 12 of the Werkstättenverordnung (WVO, Workshop Regulation). We optimize the cost center accounting and show you how to efficiently determine and account for the work results in the future.

Renewable energy sources:

Facilities using renewable energy sources and combined heat and power plants are subsidized – primarily by means of investment grants and profit contributions for their construction and operation. We provide audits for power suppliers pursuant to the Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetz (KWK-G, Combined Heat and Power Act), in particular pursuant to § 6a KWK-G and § 50 of the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG, Renewable Energy Sources Act).

EU funds:
Research and university facilities (co-)financing their research activities with funds provided by the EU have to prove that the funds were used for the respective program and within the agreed period of time. We are able to certify this heavily formalized proof of use.